How To Make An Easy Boil Up

(To all the Maori’s, forgive my Aussie accent aye? I’ve been living here in Aus for 9 years now, I’ve caught their accent haha)

This video is short and to the point. Boil up is easy to make and just as easy to show and explain how to make it. Also, this video is mainly to show ME how to make so that I don’t forget how to, haha. I was just recently re-taught how to do this. I apologise if my explanation was not easy to understand.

Here’s the ingredients I used and what you could use instead:

­čö╣Beef Brisket – alternative = Pork bones
­čö╣Potatoes – alternatives = Pumpkin, Kumara, Sweet potatoe
­čö╣Spinach – alternatives = Watercress, Cabbage
­čö╣Dough boys – Don’t know any alternatives for this one aye? Dough girls.


What do you think?

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